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Hair Color


                 Semi-Permanent Color

Is Color that adds to your existing color only. It will not lighten.  It is easy on the hair & can make it look more healthy vibrant & shiny.  It resides just under the cuticle layer of the hair.
It can be used to just blend grey, It can cover grey, with a translucent effect, it will take a little lighter on lighter strands, resulting in a natural look. It can enhance your own color by adding a new tone. It can darken your hair to a new color.

It will not wash out completely, but will fade gradually, It will not leave as much of a demarkation line as permanent color.
It lasts approximately 4-6 weeks before needing to be retouched to keep looking fresh.

Permanent Color

Is color that permanently changes your hair.  It can Darken or Lighten depending on what level of Peroxide is used.   The higher the level of Peroxide the more it lightens your natural color.  The higher the peroxide level, the more damage it does.
When darkening, a low level of Peroxide is used, to just lift the cuticle layers and let the color go deep into the center of the hair shaft.
Usually lasts approximately 4-5 weeks before needing to be retouched.

Caring For Your Hair Color

Its is important to use good quality products to keep your color lasting long & from fading

Use a Sulfate Free Color Safe Shampoo.  Sulfates & low quality ingredients will strip color out of your hair.

Use a good quality Conditioner to suit your hair type

Using Styling Products that are UV Protectant, will also help your color last longer.